May 27–31 2015

A co-authored social practice conference

Portland, Oregon

Assembly is a five-day set of presentations, discussions, interventions, and activities addressing and exploring topics related to art and social practice.

The wide variety of public events is organized and curated by Portland State University Art and Social Practice MFA faculty, students, alumni, and partners. Venues include various locations on the PSU campus and surrounding institutions. A major focus of the conference is the connection between photography and social practice, with multiple events featuring projects by photographers from the Magnum agency made in conjunction with MFA students. This includes a special collaborative curation of their ongoing project Postcards From America for the inaugural exhibition at King School Museum of Contemporary Art—a museum in a functioning Portland Public K-8 School. An Assembly publication and website will create a formalized framework that the semi-autonomous activities exist within. All events are free and open to the public.